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A1 Carpet Cleaning Specialists - Carpet & Fabric Protection

Carpet & Fabric Protection

Designed for use on properly cleaned carpets, drapes, rugs, cloth items and fabric upholstered furniture.

It creates an invisible barrier to prevent soil and stain penetration around carpet and fabric fibres. Spillages can be vacuumed up or sponged off easily leaving the carpet clean and fresh.

A high tech, water based carpet and upholstery stain shield treatment incorporating an advanced fluoro-chemical polymer which delivers unequalled durability, bonding and stain resistance.

Suitable for nylon, polypropylene, wool and other fibres that are not affected by water.

Red stain blockers and a highly repellant nature (for oil, water, dirt and grime) makes future cleaning quick and easy, enabling messes to be removed before permanent staining occurs.

North - 0428 20 1414

South - 0400 813 605

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